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Here at Stars and Stripe Flag Co. we strive to make the highest quality product for you.  Whether you decide to place one of our fine flags in your own home or you choose to get something as a gift, rest assured that there are no shortcuts taken.  Every piece that comes from our workshop is carefully hand-crafted with the highest precision that we have to offer. As such, each piece is tailored to you and you alone.  No two products are ever the same.  We are a proud, veteran owned, veteran hiring company that continues to bring that devotion and discipline instilled through years of service into something tangible.  We guarantee that you will love our products just as much as we loved making it for you.

Hand crafted, hand painted, hand cut, hand chiseled

Wall of Fame

Supporting Our Story

Cameron Hanes

American Author, Bowhunter, and Endurance runner.

Brantley Gilbert

Country Music Star

Colby Covington 

UFC Welterweight Champion

Andy Frisella

CEO 1ST Phorm

Andrew Santino 

Standup Comedian/ Host of the "Whiskey Ginger Podcast"

Justin Wren

Founder of Fight For The Forgotten/ Bellator Heavyweight Champ

Steve Weatheford

Former NFL punter/ Fitness Icon

Bedros Keuilian

CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

Riley Green 

Country Music Star

Our story

The start

 Stars and Stripes Company's founder and owner, Noah Elias started S & S Co. originally by mistake. He had been looking for a thank you gift for his uncle. However, he couldn’t find anything that didn’t say “made in china” or looked cheaply made and put together. So, he set out to make one of his own. After hours of painstaking failures and hard work, he did it; finally creating the first Stars and Stripes Company Flag.

 Weeks went by, and word of Noah’s beautiful gift spread. As with anything great, demand grew. Noah yet again set out to perfect what he had already created. He wanted something that no one else had made. Thus Stars & Stripes Company was born and is what you see today.



The Story Continues

Noah Elias never served in our military. However, that didn’t take away from his passion for our nations hero’s and first responders. Over time, Noah has teamed up with several veterans, first responders, and veteran owned companies to help give back. Including hiring one of his best friends, Nick Green active Navy, to oversee operations, and help run the company. Here at Stars and Stripes Company, we are determined to give back to the families of fallen military and first responders. While hiring as many veterans as we can in the process.

 When you buy one of our flags, know you not only have the best handmade piece of Americana ever made, but you are helping our nations hero’s.


The Team at Stars and Stripes Company.

hand crafted

 When you buy one of our flags, know you not only have the best handmade piece of Americana ever made, but you are helping our nations hero’s.